Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Solution to Current Recession - Gym Boom

When people are talking about what the government should do to save our economy, most economists say to increase government spending on infrastructure. But what exactly are these infrastructures? Do we need to build more interstate highways? Do you need to repave the bridge if it is just fine? Besides the projects on transportation, schools, alternative energy R&D, etc, we need another new infrastructure to pave the way of 21st centry like Eisenhower did the interstate highways system in the 1950s. I call it the health infrastruture. Let's spend lots of money to build the state-of-the-art gyms (like treadmill with TV, indoor track, pool, sauna, etc) in every towns and every universities across the country.
First, save the economy in the short run. Second, develope Americans' health in the long run to reduce the rising health cost.
Becuase of its externalties, government should provide us the free acess to these health facilities like libraries, parks, etc. We should not pay to the fitness centers to get healthy.